Information Above Not Required to Print Card

“The Nulegacy Rx cards have been a godsend to my practice. For a number of years I worked at a Community Health Center in rural Georgia. I was faced daily with patients not being able to afford their prescriptions. When they could afford them, oftentimes they would only purchase a few at a time. At other times they would not take less than the prescribed directions so that they would last longer. I was excited when I was introduced to the Nulegacy Rx card as I saw an immediate need for it. I have received numerous thanks from patients who might not have obtained their prescriptions had it not been for the Nulegacy card. I want to thank Dr. Holland and his wife for their novel idea. This card is definitely changing lives, and in many instances it is saving lives. ”
Wendell S.

"We’ve given a lot of the cards out to our patients and have gotten great reports back on their discounts and how happy they were that we suggested it.”
Kay H., Doctor’s Office Manager

“My family takes several prescriptions each month and every time I pick up my prescriptions, I place the receipts in a folder. One day I was curious as to how much this program had saved me since I started using it, so I got out the receipts and began adding them up. When I was done, I was astounded to learn that my total savings so far were $561.74. I think this is really amazing considering this program is free. All I had to do was show my card one time and now the pharmacy keeps my information on file. It’s great.”
Sheri H.

"After a trip to the dentist I needed two different medications. I had heard about the Rx card from a friend, but didn't have one. I went home, found the website in no time, printed the 'card' on a piece of paper and went to the pharmacy. I saved close to $25."
James C.

“I take prescriptions for a thyroid condition. Periodically my doctor requires me to have lab work done to analyze my thyroid function to see if he needs to alter my treatment. My previous tests had been over $400, but with the lab and imaging discount benefit I was able to reduce my cost to $176. I use the program for both lab tests and prescriptions.”
S. Kaddatz